We offer Marine Cargo Insurance products that cover your goods during transit either by land, sea or air.

Even it is a short distance transit (within the city, inter city, inter-island) or a long distance transit (Exports – Imports), it can be insured to us.

Supported by professional survey agents throughout the world, it’s enabling us to give better service to you..

Main Insured Perils:

Institute Cargo Clause A (ICC A) All risks coverage
Institute Cargo Clause B (ICC B)
Institute Cargo Clause C (ICC C)
Local delivery by land


In case of claim occurred, The Insurer will not liable for any loss or damage occurred unless the declaration is already informed by the Assured to the Insurer.
Warranted adequately packed in an export-import packaging.
Warranted excluding vice proper/Inherent vice.


Required Information
Sailing Date, Vessel Name, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading and Other document if require