Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy
(PSAKI) is a policy that offers basic coverage of fire insurance and provide financial assistance to your business that you can bounce back from losses due to fire and other associated risks.

The Objects that can be insured including of buildings (residential, shop, warehouse, factory, office buildings, hotels), machinery including equipment, to the stock (inventory of merchandise, inventory of raw materials, finished goods)
The insurance policy has a basic coverage in the form of :

in consequences of negligence or wrongdoing of the Insured or other party.
Damage directly caused by lightning.
Derived from the property that you are insured.
Impact of Falling Aircraft
Any physical contact of an aircraft including helicopter or any object falling there from with the property and or interest insured or with the building containing the property and or interest insured.
A rising from the burning of the property insured in this Policy or other Policy which is running in conjunction with this Policy for the interest of the same Insured.

A side from the basic coverage, you can extend the coverage the policy can also cover the risks such as:

 Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage and Civil Commotions (RSMDCC).
 Typhoon, Storm, Flood and Water Damage.
 Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami.


A fire insurance policy may contain exclusions based on the cause of the fire, such as not covering fires caused by wars.